why do i keep getting this feeling i’m a total hinderance to everyone elses social life.



if i hear one more thing about U2, i swear i will scream and go on a bloody rampage.

big day


Its going to be a big day I can feel it. This is part where my stomach starts bouncing around inside, I start biting my nails and try to keep myself busy with work so I dont think about it. This afternoon I head over to Real for my 3 hour interview. And then when that is done I get to go home and either 1) stay home till KC gets home or 2) go back to work. I guess it all depends if it really does last 3 hours or not.

KC wanted to do something special tonight since it will be our last night this week together. Im supposed to come up with something I want to do but so far I havent had any ideas. I always pull through with ideas though it just sometimes takes me till the last minute to think up something.

And then I get to pack and tomorrow morning sometime I will be on my way back to Wisconsin. I still dont feel like getting on that planethe idea of it is not enticing at all. Someday Ill have to ride 1st class and see how that is.

Right now I just cant wait for it all to be over and Im home relaxing and (hopefully) celebrating everything thats been going on. KC told me a little while ago that I will have a job in 3 weeks. I think this is week 2 or 3 now. So Im hoping hes right. I wish I could be as confident as he appears to be.

Ill just keep my fingers cross and do my best.

i’m such a follower sometimes..



Created by andy and taken 7164 times on bzoink!

Name Daniel
Birthdate June 9th
Birthplace Menominee Falls, WI
Current location Redmond, WA
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown and Short
Height 6’2″
Righty or Lefty Righty
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Your heritage 50% Polish, 50% mixed european
Your weakness Coffee, Eggnog, Potato Salad, Sugar, KC’s pouty face
Your shoes you wore today grey sneakers
Your fears Dying naked and sometimes clowns
Your perfect pizza Stuff crust from pizza hut w/beef, mush, onions and extra cheese
Goal you’d like to achieve get out of debt
Your thoughts first waking up snuggle time!
Your best physical feature i’m told my eyes and my perfect nose.
Your bedtime between 10PM and Midnight
Your most missed memory don’t think i really have one
Pepsi or Coke if it’s plain cola..then pepsi
McDonald’s or Burger King mcd’s… i like the limpy fries
Single or group dates single
Adidas or Nike whatever walmart has on special
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea either
Chocolate or vanilla chocolate if it’s solid chocolate, vanilla if it’s cake or ice cream
Cappuccino or coffee both?
Smoke nope
Cuss all the fucking time
Sing only when i’m alone in my car
Take showers daily definately, if not more
Have a crush yep and he’s MINE bitches.
Think you’ve been in love of course
Want to go college already have
Want to get married not really important to me, i have everything i want now
Believe in yourself depends
Get motion sickness if i don’t have air movement
Think you’re attractive nope
Think you’re a health freak i think about health constantly, it’s just doing something about it that’s my problem
Get along with your parents for now
Like thunderstorms LOVE them
Play an instrument was a church pianist for years, haven’t played in 2 years
Layer.six – in the past months
Gone to the mall yep, many times
Eaten an entire box of Oreos luckily kc saved me and ate some too
Eaten sushi often
Been on stage nope
Gone skating nope
Made homemade cookies every few weeks i make some
Gone skinny dipping never
Dyed your hair yes, was going for natural grey, got blonde.
Stolen anything i was an accomplice
Label.seven – ever..
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated a few times in college
Been called a tease all the time
Got beaten up hmm, only twice. usually i’m doing the beating.
Age you hoped to be married never hoped.
Number and name of children umm, none?
Dream wedding lori still says i have to wear a dress in her wedding.
How do you want to die fully clothed.
Where do you want to attend college already did…maybe go for my masters in a few years. don’t care where
Dream job IT Manager
Country you want to visit don’t have any plans or hopes right now
Layer.nine – In a guy/girl…
Best eye color doesn’t matter
Best hair color doesn’t matter
Short or long hair short
Height doesn’t matter
Best weight doesn’t matter
Best clothing doesn’t matter
Best first date location doesn’t matter
Best first kiss location doesn’t matter
Number of drugs taken illegally 0
Number of people I could trust with my life umm, 1
Number of CDs that I own that would require me to buy them
Number of piercings 12?
Number of tattoos none yet, plans are in the works
Number of times my name’s been in the news i don’t watch the news
Number of scars on my body too many to count
Number of things in my past that I regret. none

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case of the mundays.


It’s Monday.

I think I could stop there and everyone would sympathize. It’s not actually that bad as far as Monday’s go. My stomachs a mess today, my chest is tight and achy, traffic was a real bitch and my Starbucks is cold. COLD. But it is okay. I’m already over it.

This week is only a two day week for me. Wednesday morning I leave for Wisconsin and as much as a little vacation sounds nice the thought of all that traveling in a sardine can of a plane for hours on end makes me want to hide under my desk. My parents will never come visit me in the city; they avoid them at all costs, so it is my duty to come to them. Lucky me. And leaving KC behind already has me a bit down.

I spent the weekend accomplishing almost nothing on my own. Friday night I met KC at work, waited for his shift to be up and then took him out to the car dealership in Burien to buy a car. Saturday I had to wake up early to drive with KC into work and drive one of his cars home (since we left his old one at work the night before). Normally I’d be a real bitch about having to wake up early, but I hadn’t seen KC’s smile in days and now that the stress of a car is out of his life I get to see it again. I drove his car home after a eggnog latte from a few stores down, did the gym and just lazed around the house after that.

Saturday we decided to take princessembly out to dinner and a movie for her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY EM!). It turned out to be a lot of fun even though our first choice in restaurant was out of the question (the place had a line out the door). But we found another place to stop and eat and then went and saw Polar Express in 3D at the Imax (which was my second viewing!).

And Sunday we slept in till the afternoon. I made breakfast and we did some shopping. We kept pretty busy all day. Towards the evening I began rewriting my journal in a different programming language (new version coming soon) for practice and only got the first page done when I got bored with that. Took a shower and relaxed in bed till it was time to sleep.

And here I am, Monday morning, with my cold latte and a stack of work I don’t even want to look at. Bah.



Collin, my flesh peddler, just called and told me Real wants me for a 3 hour interview next week.

3 friggin hours!! Holy hell.

But Collin also told me that it’s between me and one other candidate. So I have a lot of studying to do this weekend to make sure i’m the best.

take THAT bitches!!



yesterday afternoon i took off work early to go home. where i sat waiting for an email from a manager at real networks. it finally came, it was a test. i had to do 3 programming tasks and send back my results.

i freaked a little at first, i was having issues getting my environment set up properly. finally everything seemed to click, i easily accomplished the 3 tasks i was given, wrote a quick little ditty on what i did and sent it back.

now i’m waiting to hear how i actually did. the one good thing about programming is that it either works or it doesn’t. so i know i did it right. but maybe someone did it a few minutes faster, or maybe someone formatted their code nicer, knew a better algorithm or a number of other things.
all i know is i learned the programming language i got tested on the night before, so no matter what i did pretty damn good. but i’ve always had that knack for picking up things in no time flat.

even so it’s hard to stand out when all you are is some lines of code in their inbox.

now i just want someone to email me and tell me the job is mine and i can get the hell outta here. i know that won’t happen…if anything i’ll get an interview. *sigh* someone give me a damn job already!

damn woman


so i had this dream last night that i went to claim jumper with kc. we were sitting, having a great dinner then the waitress (a small annoying asian woman from the last time i was actually there) approached with the bill. she put it on the table and left.

i reviewed the bill to find that she had already put a 25% gratuity on the bottom.

so i spazzed out on her ass. i told her to remove it. she said she wouldn’t and that it was policy to put gratuity on every order. i told her i wanted to see where this policy was posted…etc etc.

needless to say i wasn’t going to pay.

so i woke up ANGRY, lol. not that angry, but pretty damn aggrevated.

so i got up an hour early and got my butt to work. i couldn’t sleep after that anyways.




alleviate the stress


so i was sitting here writing a list of everything i need to accomplish tonight.

-make large salad for tomorrows luncheon
-buy baby gift for preggo chick next to me
-learn JSTL before tomorrows interview/test
-learn SMIL before tomorrows interview/test

and then i thought, why am i buying a gift for someone i don’t know. well ok, first i looked at the gift registry…there is nothing in there that’s just a simple gift. everything is a major purchase…especially for someone you don’t know. so that’s when i decided i’m not doing it.

i feel kinda bad but, you know, like whatever.

so while i was finding an inner place of finality, peace and complacency with my decision i started wondering why i don’t get gifts.

that’s right, why don’t i get gifts for NOT popping out a bundle of terror? why don’t i get a population control tax break? the government should pay me NOT to do it.

am i wrong? i think not. at least it makes sense in my world.

what it all comes down to is that i don’t want to spend the money and i think someone should give me some on top of it.

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